How to format USB pendrive with NTFS file system in Windows XP ?

Platform   : Windows
Category : File Systems
Q. Why?
A. By default Windows XP allows you to format pen drive with FAT32 file system only but not NTFS. If you have a pen drive of capacity more than 4 GB (for instance 8GB) and want to store a file of size more than 4GB like high quality full length movie file, DVD image, compressed file etc.. you cannot store it on your pen drive formatted with FAT32 file system. It is possible if you format pen drive with NTFS file system.

This facility is available in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

For Windows XP users here is the solution.

Q. How ?
  • Connect pen drive.
  • Right click on My Computer, click on Manage.
  • Go to Device Manager - Disk Drive
  • Right click on respective disk drive (pen drive), and go to Properties - Policies.
  • Select Optimize for Performance (2nd option) and click OK.
That's IT.