Objective C Programming

Hello Readers!!

This week I am giving a start to Objective C Programming language. This a very famous and easy language to learn and the people who have learned this can lead to iPhone application Development and System  Application development too.

Actually this project has undertaken by http://www.gnustep.org/ and there we are grabbing the software we need to install from there only .

To move to download page you can click here.

There download GNUstep Startup , GNUstep Make ,GNUstep Base , GNUstep GUI , GNUstep Backend

There download the above mentioned software and install them with default order.

as I have seen you may need 500MB - 600 MB freespace in your system. In the next step , I will start you with how to write a program and compilation,run of it.

Hope that helps on installing Objective C in your windows.